175 years of future

31 июля 2014г.

Göppingen, July 31, 2014 – From October 21 to 25, 2014, Schuler will be showcasing new processes and technologies for the entire spectrum of metalforming at the EuroBLECH in Hanover, Germany – the world’s largest trade fair for the sheet metal forming industry. Visitors to the company’s stand (D40 in Hall 27) will get the chance to see a 200-metric-ton automatic blanking press for the part supplier industry featuring a new drive technology. Schuler will also be displaying lightweight exhibits, such as carbon parts for the BMW i3, hydroforming and hot stamping parts, as well as other car body components made from high-strength steels and aluminum which were produced on equipment supplied by the press manufacturer.

“Our main topic at the EuroBLECH 2014 is energy efficiency and sustainability,” announces Schuler’s CEO Stefan Klebert. “Especially in times of steadily rising energy prices, it is essential that companies take every opportunity to make savings and use energy as efficiently as possible. As the technological leader, our customers can rightly expect us to set the pace in this field.”

Schuler will be presenting several innovative solutions for raising energy efficiency at the EuroBLECH 2014. The technological and global market leader – celebrating its 175th anniversary this year – has significantly reduced the energy consumption of its presses and automation systems. Up to eight presentations a day will be held on this and other topics at the Schuler Forum on the company’s fair stand.

ServoDirect Technology for all products

“Schuler’s ServoDirect Technology not only offers greater productivity and flexibility, but also enhances the machine’s energy efficiency,” says CTO Joachim Beyer. “There are very few mechanical lines leaving our company these days which are not equipped with this technology. We will therefore continue to gradually roll out ServoDirect Technology across our entire product range.” The company’s TwinServo Technology has also been well received on the market: Schuler already received numerous orders for this more compact and rigid press design.

Schuler Service offers a range of tailored solutions over a machine’s entire lifetime – helping improve energy efficiency and output performance, as well as ensuring higher machine availability. With its rich history and 300,000-plus press lines delivered around the world, Schuler can draw on a wealth of experience in the sector.

However, Schuler’s machines themselves not only save energy: the lightweight parts they produce also play an important role in reducing vehicle weight – and thus consumption. Whether carbon-fiber reinforced plastics, high-strength steels or aluminum: Schuler supplies forming processes for all these lightweight materials – from cold forging to hot stamping to hydroforming and plastics forming.

“We need to identify trends in forming technology well in advance and provide the right solutions,” explains Joachim Beyer. “After all, our machines are used to create products which will not come on to the market until much later.” “For 175 years now, we have been making our customers fit for the future by providing them with innovative solutions,” adds CEO Stefan Klebert. “As a partner for forming technology, we are looking forward to showcasing our latest developments in Hanover.”

Journalists are cordially invited to attend the press conference in Room 13 of the Hanover Fair’s Convention Center on Wednesday, October 22, at 9.30 a.m..


Bild1.jpg: Schuler’s ServoDirect Technology not only offers greater productivity and flexibility, but also saves energy.

Bild2.jpg: Forming processes for lightweight vehicles, such as hot stamping, can help reduce fuel consumption.

Bild3.jpg: A total of ten Schuler presses are used by BMW to form the carbon parts for its i3 electric car.

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«Сила Сибири» в импортозамещении
15 августа 2018г.

Этим летом для «Силы Сибири» завод ПСМ собрал 54 станции мощностью от 16 кВт до 30 кВт.

Eaton представляет мультиплексоры серии MTL830C, предназначенные для опасных зон
15 августа 2018г.

Мультиплексоры серии MTL830C соответствуют стандартам RoHS и имеют улучшенный в сравнении с аналогами форм-фактор.

Ижорские заводы завершили отгрузку оборудования для компрессорной станции «Славянская»
15 августа 2018г.

Ижорские заводы, входящие в Группу ОМЗ, завершили отгрузку 6 комплектов адсорберов для установки подготовки газа к транспорту (УПГТ) компрессорной станции (КС) «Славянская».

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